ImmunoVet Granulate – 150g

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Contains all Natural ingredients. The active component is a specially fermented wheat germ extract.

As an overall complement, one tablet / 1 gram* per each 10kgs of body weight daily. That amount can be doubled as necessary to achieve more enrichment.

Based on the original AVEMAR formulation, pets, either dogs or cats, can enjoy the benefits of ImmunoVet. Our product ImmunoVet is available in the USA and Canada and contains all Natural ingredients. The active component is specially Fermented Wheat Germ Extract, FWGE. Available in Granulate powder that can be sprinkled on food or easily chewable Tablets formats.
Used to assist with the improvement of your dog or cats’ health.

Clinically Studied and Scientifically Researched
100% Natural and Holistic Health Supplement for Animals
Administered and Recommended by Veterinarians throughout the World
Enhances Quality of Life and Physical Condition of Pets, Less Fatigue
Improves Skin Disorders, Less Itching
Assists with Wound Healing
Suitable for all Pets
Used to aid in Cancer and Animal Health