Get the correct info on the dosage required to get optimal results when using IMMUNOVET

IMMUNOVET is a yeast fermented wheat germ powder; the product, derived from wheat germ fermented with the Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain of yeast, both of which have long histories of safe use in the food supply.

Cats & Dogs 1 gram or 1 tablet per 10kg body weight daily – maintenance. Always round body weight up. General good health. First ten days IMMUNOVET should be administered TWICE daily (1 tablet/gram per 5kg of body weight)

It is suggested that you double the dose (1gram/tablet per 5kg body weight daily) for at least the first 4 -6 weeks then reduce to the maintenance dose if you feel you are on top of it.

You can continue at the higher dose without any adverse side effects.

Please be patient and allow 4-6 weeks for IMMUNOVET to have first real effects (although often results are seen sooner). Just like humans, some pets may need a higher dose. Do not be afraid to up the dose if you feel your pet needs it – you cannot overdose on IMMUNOVET. It is a 100% natural supplement and needs time to build up in the system.

For Diabetic Pets treat IMMUNOVET as a carbohydrate and factor that into the diet. Studies have shown it helps maintain blood pressure and has had positive effects on the heart of diabetics.

The use of IMMUNOVET reduces the risk of disease development and helps to maintain good general state with healthy animals.


Composition: Fermented wheat germ extract

Additives: Magnesium-stearate, natural flavor, carboxymethyl-cellulose, fructose.

The fermented dried wheat germ powder contains fermented wheat germ extract, maltodextrin, and colloidal silicon dioxide.

The various forms of the IMMUNOVET supplements contain some fructose, since it is needed for the production mechanisms. It is a kind of catalyst which is an inhibitor substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction. In this product, the fructose is used by the company as a natural glue to contain the IMMUNOVET into a tablet form.

All the trials and reports you read discuss products containing some fructose. On the other hand, fructose has a significantly lower glycemic index than glucose, it does not cause harm to dogs when included in this product;

MAGNESIUM STEARATE is a hardening agent to keep pills together.

CARBOXYMETHYLCELLULOSE SODIUM is commonly used as an FDA-approved disintegrant in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Disintegrants facilitate the breakup of tablets in the intestinal tract after oral administration. Without a disintegrant, tablets may not dissolve appropriately and may affect the amount of active ingredient absorbed, thereby decreasing effectiveness. It is virtually unabsorbed.

MALTODEXTRIN is produced by using enzymes or acids to break down starches like corn, potatoes and rice into smaller pieces. The end result is a white powder that is easily digested and delivers nearly 4 calories per gram. When it’s added to foods, maltodextrin thickens the product, prevents crystallization and helps bind ingredients together. It is used as part of the process of creating the fermented wheat germ.

IMMUNOVET is a natural supplement derived from the endosperm of the wheat seed, the portion of the plant that does not contain gluten and is not linked to allergic responses. It is processed by way of fermentation and turned into a feeding material that enhances the health of animals.



500kg Horse 15g/day/animal
Over 500kg Horse 20g/day/animal
Foals 10g/day/animal

  • Glossy Coat
  • Improving overall condition
  • Improving quality of the hair and hooves
  • Higher vitality
  • Increasing performance
  • Considered as non doping.

Better fertility rate
Better semen quality


Fewer clinical illness


Less sensitivity to stress
Calmer behaviour
Higher performance
Less perspiration
Lower lactic acid levels
Faster regeneration


Rodents 1g/day/animal
Rabbits 2g/day/animal
Improvement in overall condition


Birds small stature 0.25g/day/animal
Birds great size 0.5g/day/animal
As for Rodents & Rabbits

A loading dose for 10 days is recommended in which IMMUNOVET should be administered twice daily.  Example: 1 tablet/gram per 10kg’s ‘twice’ daily. When treating a condition, a 1 month loading dose is recommended.


Soft stool is a very rare side effect of IMMUNOVET. There are no known other side effects.


IMMUNOVET should not be taken in conjunction with any preparation containing Vitamin C within a 2 hour period. IMMUNOVET can affect the absorption of other medications & therapeutic products, it is appropriate to maintain a 2 hour break between using IMMUNOVET and other medicines.


Usage is not advised in cases of hereditary fructose intolerance or if there is hyper sensitivity to any compound of the product

A double ended spoon is supplied with the IMMUNOVET Powder 5ml/2.5ml. A level 5ml spoon = 3grams & a level 2.5ml = 1.5grams

Disclaimer: *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary.

As with all pet supplements and foods, keep it out of the reach of children.








IMMUNOVET is produced bio technologically and contains all natural ingredients. The active component is a specially Fermented Wheat Germ Extract. It is closely familiar with a human dietary supplement for cancer patients named AVEMAR™ (, which is also manufactured by Biropharma.

The product is rich in macro- and micro elements, vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. Its important components include herbal benzoic- and hydroquinones which have immune modulating and antimicrobial effects. IMMUNOVET also contains binding peroxides, consequently ensuring the protection of biopolymers.


IMMUNOVET is more than an Immune Boosting Daily Supplement for Animals.

It is also a product of the modern biotechnology. Part of the raw materials that is used to produce IMMUNOVET is wheat germ. Wheat germ contains most of the bio-active molecules in the whole wheat.

During the fermentation process, a highly valuable material is being produced, which is extracted to form the main ingredient of IMMUNOVET.


See IMMUNOVET in action and see some of the lives it has changed. Using the finest formula and ingredients IMMUNOVET can Treat a wide Variety of Ailments and Illnesses.